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  Subject :Amazing French Challah Kugel (Pudding)
02/12/2011 12:18 
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Sometime over 20 years ago I found an amazing recipe in one of those supermarket women's magazines (I think Family Circle or Women's Day -- maybe Good Housekeeping) -- and I've lost it. Trying to duplicate it has never met with the same results. If you have it, I would really appreciate it. It's wonderful for the last day of Sukkos!

It was a recipe to use up leftover French bread, but I used challah. Also in the recipe were eggs and sugar, almonds, LOTS of milk or cream (I used coffee rich,) and calvados or some other apple liquor. I believe the thinly sliced almonds and some sugar were sprinkled on top. Maybe there were also apples? I really hope someone (or someone's mother?) has it and will post it???
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